What is Social Shareing ?

There was a time when creating a website required a higher level of HTML expertise and expensive software. Developers needed a huge amount of time and efforts to design a website. But thanks to the WEB 2.0, which changed the situation overnight. WEB 2.0 comes with pre-made CMS (Content Management System) which allow you to customize and create the web pages simply as well as publish contents easily.

social sharing

Social Shareing in SEO

In SEO, WEB 2.0 refers to a certain type of web properties which are used for building link and getting better rank in the search engine rankings. Most of the WEB 2.0 allows the users to link their websites in profiles and bios. They also allow you to publish contents with links to your website.

The WEB 2.0 sites can also help you to bring traffic to your website. Each of the sites has their own community base and creating an account in these sites can help you to reach a larger amount of audiences for your website.

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